Google Has a Phone? Yes! It's Awesome!


Google has a phone? Yes! and it’s awesome. Wanted to write an honest review of this phone, not because I got paid or anything like that, but because it truly is a great product. So we know Google as the amazing search engine that makes our lives so much easier, but did you know they have a phone? I didn’t know either until I heard it had the best camera out there, and I had to check it out. I was so excited to receive the Pixel, I personally like the bigger phones, so I ordered the XL, and it’s perfect. I immediately opened the camera and took it for a mini photo shoot.  I take pictures for a living and this phone has an amazing camera. When I don’t want to take my heavy, expensive camera, I bust out my google phone and you can hardly tell the difference in the pictures compared to my bigger one. Not to mention it has unlimited storage for pictures and videos. I really just wish everyone knew about it.


 I have been an iPhone user for many years and always thought it was the best phone out there, but after using the camera on my Google Pixel and being able to customize my screen and my cases with Google Live Case, I will never go back! Thank you Google, you made my vacations less stressful and more picture perfect!


Happy Travels. 



We arrived very early in the morning to Ibiza Airport. We were scheduled to pick up our rental car at the airport, but it turns out that it was actually a couple of miles down the road to the rental agency. Well we had no idea, so after asking around like dummies, we finally realized that we had a phone number so we called and they sent a van right away. We arrived and our rental wasn’t ready so we had some coffee with the lovely attendant and we waited to get our little Mazda coupe. It was perfect because we had minimal luggage and it was very spacious. I decided to drive first and the roads were a little curvy. DISCLOSURE: YOU MUST RENT A CAR IN IBIZA. Let’s say you are going during the busy, party, crazy season in the summer; then you stay at your resort and party your little heart out, no need for a car………BUT, if you go during down season and you go to enjoy the island and find secret sunset viewpoints, then you need a car because everything is a little drive away. By “little drive” I mean like 30 plus minutes driving. The island is small but there are tons of lights and a little traffic. Remember they close early and for siesta so do all of your shopping before 4:00PM. After driving around for pictures, we decided to connect with friends and stay at there beach villa with a beach view!! What a treat.

Our friends @legendaryourlife hosted us for 5 days and 4 nights in Ibiza. The villa was perfect; all rooms had a pool and beach view and you woke up to the sunrise out your glass window. It was a lovely break from my days in Barcelona Tag Barcelona post here))). That night, we had a light dinner and some wine and called it a night with our friends. We woke up to a quiet house, the housemates (couple) Tanya and Machiel were doing Yoga on the roof and then jumped in the pool. I served @dimagetsaway breakfast in bed and I charged the coffee pot with strong coffee and waited as I listed to meditation “Cafe del Mar” buddha music. We showered and quickly headed on the road to go and catch the sun in Es’Vedra.  Es’Vedra is the third most magnetic place in the world and you can definitely feel the energy when you are there. We charged our necklace crystals and we headed to take more shots. This magical island is very small but amazingly pleasing to the eyes. It’s between deep blue and crazy turquoise waters and it pokes out like a sore thumb. Its beautiful. We did some mediation for about an hour and then took some of the best epic pictures. Check out my beloved’s Instagram page @dimagestsaway to see more.

We set beautiful intentions and left them for the island to make them true. We then headed out to prepare the epic Seafood Paella with our housemates before welcoming another six dancer friends around the island. I know what you are thinking, Dancers, hmmm….No, not that kind of dancers. They are professional dancers who hold seminars and classes around the island. Anyway, well they brought vegan dishes and we made the Seafood Paella (picture above in picture diary). The wine was finishing so we played a couple of rounds of Dictionary and then we moved to ecstatic dancing. Our friend @legendaryourlife provided the glow in the dark with movement bracelets, (I know, Cool!) well danced the night away and then the wine was suddenly gone so we pulled out beer and that went quick as well so it was late and we needed to call it a night.

Everyone said their good-byes and we cleaned and chatted the night away. We then took the next day to meet our lovely spiritual mentor @neweartharchitect  and he had us for tea and cookies with his lovely family of a little boy of 2 and a pregnant fiancé, and it was perfect. I played with the baby while Dimag did some chatting with Cristof. We then headed for a Vegan dinner with some new friends.  Around 5PM, our friends invited us to go a secret spot to see the sunset. We invited a couple more friends and we witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets in the history of my life anyway. Pictures above don’t do it much justice. It was starting to get cold (weird weather for the island) so we hiked a ride wth one of our new friends and headed home. Ibiza has to be one of the most magical places I have been. I felt recharged to go to Barcelona and make things happen. I decided to start writing more and more. I know it is not perfect, but my only hope is to share my stories with you guys and inspire you and hope to hear about your stories. Tell me have you guys been to Ibiza? Did I miss seeing something?

Living in Barcelona for 3 Months

So I came to Barcelona after discovering a little bit of Peru and my 30 Days in the jungle, and I am loving it. I decided to move to Spain for a couple of months to work on some projects with @vacationwolf  AKA my boyfriend. I've lived in Barcelona before but this time is different, very different. I first came to this amazing city a few years ago while finishing my master's degree. I lived with two other girls who would become my best friends. This time, I am living with my boyfriend and I am no longer a student. There's something magical about this city, no matter where you walk, there's something to do or in my case, eat. It is a little cold during this time (December - February), but not cold enough to keep me indoors. I normally start my day early with yoga and breakfast, to keep me energized for a little work. I then do a couple hours of work either at home or at one of the local coffee shops around. I then have lunch with my handsome boyfriend, then we do a little more work before having dinner. Our days normally end with both of us on our computer doing work before calling it night night.

We have had little getaway trips to Ibiza and Amsterdam, (pics coming soon) while here, but overall, just enjoyed the city and our friends. We have some exciting trips coming this year, so can't wait to show you guys. Enjoy the photo gallery above. Please let me know what you guys think in the comments and let me know what other places you would like me to visit. 2017 is open for new destinations. I am so excited to share this journey with  you guys. I really feel like my eyes have been open and there is no going back for me. I am commited to keep discovering and keep pushing myself to live with the minimal and just keep exploring. My only hope for this blog is for you guys to enjoy and learn a little somthing from my journeys. I am starting this 2017 with more spiritual eyes and will be traveling to a lot of sacred cites and meeting amazing people who are changing the world through their work. I am building a spiritual and soul family as I go and cannot wait to meet more people. If you are traveling somewhere around the world and would like to meet up, please let me know some weeks in advance if possible, and I will do my best to meet you. Okay its a farewell for now but talk to you guys soon. Much Love! 




Iquitos, Peru

So I landed in Lima and I had one full day and one full night to kill before my flight to Iquitos, where my jungle days would begin. Little did I know that hooking up with a local friend of a friend would bring so many memories in 48 hours. We started by meeting near the airport where I stayed in a cute little hostel, Mundo Albergue  , where I felt like another member of the family running the little joint. They carried my stuff up to the 2nd floor and showed me the way to the only bathroom in the floor. They said check out was 10:00 AM, but would be flexible for me, considering it was almost 5:00 in the morning. Without any money exchange, I took my key and fell right on my bed to sleep.  I woke up later that morning to a very quiet house, so I knew I was running late. I took a very cold shower (not optional) and then headed downstairs where I noticed I had dropped and cracked one of my phones; great!!! Well it was about lunchtime by the time I made it to the lobby and I found another receptionist who offered lunch options so I decided to head out to the market down the street for the 3 soles (1 dollar) ceviche. I left my very valuable luggage with the young lady and headed out for lunch. I quickly stopped to get an appetizer of Ceviche where I chatted with a local girl on her break from school. I then bought some fruit and headed for a more satisfying meal. I found a place full of locals and some flies where the food looked good in writing so I took my chances and ordered fish with plain white rice and a warm papaya smoothie (again not optional). 

After lunch, I walked down the market one more time and caught a local sandal vendor and I needed sandals for the shower in the amazon, so I paid 7 dollars and had new sandals.  I walked down to my hostel where my handsome boyfriend and mutual friend came shortly after. We hugged and kissed and left for Mirasoles, an upscale side of the city close to the beach.

We dropped our bags and took what my grandmother would call a “Russian Shower” because it was cold and quick. We changed to warmer clothes and hopped on a local taxi who took about 8 of us in one car to a bar nearby. We were on a 0 alcohol diet so couldn’t consume alcohol so we opted for the chicken salad down the street from a place with a yellow clown (insert jokes here). We took a second taxi who took us up to a local lounge that promised a good, young crowd with a lot of energy. We were clearly early but waited around to the part where we were dancing sweaty next to one another and having an actual good time. At about 4 AM we decided to head back to the condo and enjoy a couple hours of sleep before leaving for the airport. 

2 Hours later, we made it to the jungle and man, IT WAS HOT! We grabbed our luggage and headed out for a taxi who was abundantly available but the prices increased every time you asked. We agreed on a poor fellow who’s car could barely carry our luggage. He dropped us off and our journey began. We had a full night and intro dinner with our ayahuasca crew before heading to the jungle. We needed to get some food in us because we had an eight hour boat ride first thing the next morning. We had breakfast and headed out. 2 boats, a thunderstorm and 8 hours later, we arrive at the “Shipibo Village”. It was the cutest little village I have ever seen. It's like those amazing Bora Bora huts but instead of crystal clear water( see pictures above), you had a muddy river as your shower and a little hut with a mattress and plenty of cockroaches. We found our hut and headed out to the “family room” for dinner. 

We prayed and blessed the food before quickly downing our chow down because we were all starving. It was nice, tasteless fish with plenty of raw veggies and white plain rice. for dessert you ask? Fresh Papaya and pineapple. We told some stories and just flirted around until dark night fell and just chatted along with a couple of stragglers in the dining hall. The temple bell rang at six in the morning and gave me a 15 minute window to get my bottle of water, my journal, and workbook for the study lessons ahead. That was day 1. I need many hours of your time for the remaining days and if you want inside my jungle journal (sign up here for my emails) to get a weekly letter in your box with all of my juicy details about the ayahuasca ceremonies and the energy building around camp. 

After almost 20 days in the jungle, a trip planned to climb a mountain up Machu Picchu didn’t sound like the best idea ever. Not before breaking the diet and getting some proper meals down my throat . We had a brief flight to Lima and then it was a double flight day ending in Cuzco, Peru. A lovely city to explore while you get used to the headaches due to the altitude of the place. You go to all of the “10 Top TripAdvisor Restaurants”, I am kidding of coarse; although I did end up having lunch at one of the places on there but only due to coincidence;  and then to try to hunt for best tours for Machu Picchu. Not knowing that we had to purchase tickets and entrances beforehand, we were very limited on options. We either had to take a 6 hour ride plus a 3 hour walk to the mountain, OR take a comfy train ride with promising scenery. I opted for the second option and paid a little extra for the comfort. My friends from @legendaryyourlife were with us as well and they came for the ride. We stayed one night in lovely “Aguascalientes” which is the only little functioning town under Machu Picchu mountain. There is plenty to eat so choose wisely. The local alpaca is always in season. Feeing daredevils? Try the local “cuy” or guinea pig.

Machu Picchu the next morning was a pleasing scene and feeling after all of that craziness in the jungle. We took time to just enjoy the place and drank a local holy cactus that promised great connection to the Earth and creation. It was amazing, look at the images above. I'll leave you with a narrated photo diary above. Enjoy and book your trip soon.  

PS: I wanted to take a moment and say that this trip for me was a personal journey and decision I made because I am on a couscous journey. This spiritual retreat and intaking the Ayahuasca medicine is all part of a very professional institute that provides these kinds of experiences all over the world. With plenty of research done and interviewing with my fellow teachers, I embarked on this journey with full confidence and trusting my spiritual leaders. They are very professional and only accept those who are serious about their personal growth.

AYAHUASCA MEDICINE: There is plenty of information on the web about this sacred plant so I wont bore you with the details but this medicine combined with another plant, are the ingredients for the medicine brew. This is not to be taken lightly, it is a very potent brew and you must be physically and mentally ready for this. By physically, I mean that your stomach has to be prepared to intake this medicine. Personally, I did a three week cleanse and ate nothing but veggies and juices for 2 weeks. Following the ayahuasca diet was very hard because you are giving up salt, spices, meat, and anything processed. Please do plenty of research on this subject before making a decision. 

Retreat Information: If you would like to find out about the exact program I did, please email me at, and I will personally connect you to my dear friend and spiritual server Christof. I had the best experience in his program and would be delighted to hear your story if you choose this journey. 




Costa Rica is one of the few countries that make up Central America. It is a small, but amazing country. You will notice shortly after arriving, that the phrase "Pura Vida" is used over and over. This phrase means "Pure Life", and it is a popular phrase that locals use for.....well pretty much everything. It can mean "hello", "thank you", "you're welcome", "take it easy", "all good", and the list goes on and on. It doesn't take long before you start feeling the "Pura Vida" vibe, and soon, you will catch yourself saying the phrase as well. 

I traveled to this beautiful country with nine other girls (See below) and it was an amazing trip filled with beautiful beaches, thermal waters, and very chill people. I traveled to Costa Rica with a local and she assisted us with a van rental and a local driver who drove us up the country's coastline. We went from bungee jumping next to a volcano, to zip lining in the jungle. We visited one of the most amazing caves I've ever seen and ended up in the most refreshing cave pool. Then things calmed down a bit, so I decided to bungee jump from a volcano top. What can I say, I like a little thrill. 

After two amazing weeks in Costa Rica, I felt that I finally had my personal understanding of what "Pura Vida" meant. The locals made me feel that no matter what your current situation is, you should always be grateful and appreciate what you do have because someone else around the world is way less fortunate than you. Costa Rica showed me that it doesn't matter how much or how little we have, we can always find something to be happy about. 

SO, if you want a glimpse of how to live a simple, peaceful, uncomplicated life with a deep appreciation for nature and very chill people, then head down to Costa Rica to experience the PURA VIDA lifestyle for yourself.