The following list is an extensive list of everything I think a female traveler should know in order to get the most out of your travel adventures. From basic (but useful) tips, to tips that will keep you safe and sound.

  1. When it comes to packing, less is more.
  2. Be modest in your dressing in certain parts of the world. 
  3. Always follow your gut when it comes to security.
  4. You are more adventurous than you think. 
  5. You will find out there IS a first time for everything.
  6. A scarf is more than just a scarf.
  7. Traveling solo is actually an enlightening experience. 
  8. Did I mention pack lightly? Well, pack lightly. 
  9. If you get lost, it will probably be fun, just go with it. 
  10. Traveling with friends is not always the best idea if you like to get a lot of things done. 
  11. Always wear shower shoes. 
  12. You don't need to speak the local language to communicate. Your hands are very useful in this situation. 
  13. It's okay to feel uncomfortable.
  14. Most people will help you if you look lost (me a lot of the time).
  15. Do NOT just do the "top 10 things"
  16. Ask a local about food.
  17. Comfortable shoes! Always! 
  18. If you can take a bike, do it.
  19. Take lots of pictures. 
  20. You don't need luxury.
  21. Spend on a memory, not a souvenir.
  22. Wearing a fanny pack is sometimes necessary.
  23. Accessories will go a long way.
  24. Bad things will happen, don't let it break your spirit. 
  25. Always respect the culture and people. 
  26. You don't need a picture of everything.
  27. Take a real book with you at all times. 
  28. It's okay to miss family and friends, but go out and explore and you'll get over it. 
  29. It's okay to eat street food.
  30. Be open minded. You will be changed forever.
  31. You will be extremely sad to leave certain places (or people). 
  32. Hostels are great places to find likeminded travelers. 
  33. Hats and sunglasses will be your best friends. 
  34. Traveling solo is VERY fine. 
  35. Last price doesn't always mean last price.
  36.  Put your camera & phone down once in a while.
  37. Eat, Eat, Eat.
  38. Pack a good lipstick.
  39. Plans will not always turn out, let it go.
  40. Watch your alcohol.
  41. Write down your favorite travel moments. 
  42. Your confidence will grow. 
  43. You might lose weight. 
  44. Invest in good quality luggage. 
  45. Travel will change your life forever.