How I can afford to travel the world, and so can you!

I often get asked how I can afford to travel and not work. How is it that I have been to over 30 countries and checked off many of my Bucket List destinations? Is it that I am rich? NOPE! Do I have wealthy parents who fund my travels? I wish! 

I actually do work, and very hard. Traveling and making money is not as easy as many folks make it seem. It is a lot of “behind the scenes” work and learning to live with less. Here, I will share with you what exactly I did, and the many compromises that come along with being a traveling nomad. 

So how exactly did I start and how did I do it? Before I dig into the details, please understand that this is the way I did it and what worked for me, BUT this is by NO means the only way or route to start your journey as a traveling nomad. My decision to go out and experience the world started with a lot of preparation and sacrifices.

Before leaving for my adventures, I worked really hard for 5 years straight and saved some money (not a lot) but enough to cover my expenses for a couple of months without income. I moved out of my big apartment, sold all of my furniture on craigslist and cut all of my expensive memberships that I barely used. 

So, how do I make money while traveling?

1)  Online Consulting

So before my decision to travel the world, I did what many of us are taught to do and went to college to earn a degree. Actually, I have a couple of degrees, including a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship & Management . I used some of the knowledge and skills to find a couple of clients and did basic social media and writing consulting for them. I am not saying you need a degree to do any of this, but this is one of the ways I earned some money. 

2)  Writing content for fellow bloggers  

I love writing stories about my experiences and my understanding of things and sometimes people are willing to pay me for it. This is not an easy gig, as you have to know what you are talking about and build a reputation, but I have some contacts who know and like my writing so I am lucky to charge for my knowledge on some subjects. There are many platforms online now that allow you to put your work out there and charge for it. One of them I really like (not an ad) is Fiverr. This platform allows you to buy and sell services of any kind. While there are many more, this is one that I personally use often. 

3)  Sponsored ads/Products  

I am not a huge fan of “selling” products or recommending something unless I truly see added value or use myself. There are many companies that are willing to pay in order to get exposure, but I am very selective in what products or services I get involved with because I want to make sure that there is added value to me and my audience.

So there you have it. Traveling the world is not only for the rich and famous, we can do it too! It takes a lot of work and dedication, but traveling is my passion. So I will do whatever it takes to keep discovering the world I live in. There are many challenges that I had to overcome, and I am sure that you will too but don’t let that stop you! Keep traveling.