Living in Barcelona for 3 Months

So I came to Barcelona after discovering a little bit of Peru and my 30 Days in the jungle, and I am loving it. I decided to move to Spain for a couple of months to work on some projects with @vacationwolf  AKA my boyfriend. I've lived in Barcelona before but this time is different, very different. I first came to this amazing city a few years ago while finishing my master's degree. I lived with two other girls who would become my best friends. This time, I am living with my boyfriend and I am no longer a student. There's something magical about this city, no matter where you walk, there's something to do or in my case, eat. It is a little cold during this time (December - February), but not cold enough to keep me indoors. I normally start my day early with yoga and breakfast, to keep me energized for a little work. I then do a couple hours of work either at home or at one of the local coffee shops around. I then have lunch with my handsome boyfriend, then we do a little more work before having dinner. Our days normally end with both of us on our computer doing work before calling it night night.

We have had little getaway trips to Ibiza and Amsterdam, (pics coming soon) while here, but overall, just enjoyed the city and our friends. We have some exciting trips coming this year, so can't wait to show you guys. Enjoy the photo gallery above. Please let me know what you guys think in the comments and let me know what other places you would like me to visit. 2017 is open for new destinations. I am so excited to share this journey with  you guys. I really feel like my eyes have been open and there is no going back for me. I am commited to keep discovering and keep pushing myself to live with the minimal and just keep exploring. My only hope for this blog is for you guys to enjoy and learn a little somthing from my journeys. I am starting this 2017 with more spiritual eyes and will be traveling to a lot of sacred cites and meeting amazing people who are changing the world through their work. I am building a spiritual and soul family as I go and cannot wait to meet more people. If you are traveling somewhere around the world and would like to meet up, please let me know some weeks in advance if possible, and I will do my best to meet you. Okay its a farewell for now but talk to you guys soon. Much Love!