Google Has a Phone? Yes! It's Awesome!


Google has a phone? Yes! and it’s awesome. Wanted to write an honest review of this phone, not because I got paid or anything like that, but because it truly is a great product. So we know Google as the amazing search engine that makes our lives so much easier, but did you know they have a phone? I didn’t know either until I heard it had the best camera out there, and I had to check it out. I was so excited to receive the Pixel, I personally like the bigger phones, so I ordered the XL, and it’s perfect. I immediately opened the camera and took it for a mini photo shoot.  I take pictures for a living and this phone has an amazing camera. When I don’t want to take my heavy, expensive camera, I bust out my google phone and you can hardly tell the difference in the pictures compared to my bigger one. Not to mention it has unlimited storage for pictures and videos. I really just wish everyone knew about it.


 I have been an iPhone user for many years and always thought it was the best phone out there, but after using the camera on my Google Pixel and being able to customize my screen and my cases with Google Live Case, I will never go back! Thank you Google, you made my vacations less stressful and more picture perfect!


Happy Travels.